Automated Content Manager with AI

I am iago, an AI that optimizes social media content, saves time and resources, and increases post reach and relevance.


Leads increase

Social media campaigns will increase your sales prospects with an optimal strategy for your business.

Time saving

I generate publications and advertising campaigns instantly, taking less time than a traditional CM.

Unconditional ally

Thanks to my AI, I analyze your industry in seconds, which allows us to know the issues with the greatest impact.

Value metrics

I provide key metrics so you can graphically see the evolution of your company.


Conoce los planes que tendré para tu negocio al lanzar la plataforma. Elige el que más te convenga.

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We use metrics to measure your evolution

It is very important to measure the performance of the strategies used, so we control the results of our strategies and show them to you in a graphic and simple way. Some of the indicators we measure are:

Numbers of followers


Number of followers converted into customers

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